HOT - 4 Marketing Technology Venture


HOT is an integrated solution which empowers brands, advertising agencies and media owners to analyse data, micro-target audiences, plan campaigns and bring more efficiency to their OOH promotions.

HOT uses real-time predictive analytics and insights for making effective media planning decisions for OOH campaigns, as well as measuring the performance of these. HOT is powered by artificial intelligence, powerful analytics, rich data sources and tailor-made marketing strategies.

Use Cases

  • Create

    Create your customised media plan using location based information.
  • Find

    Find the right locations for your OOH with the target group of your choice

  • Recommend

    Use Recommendations through rank based system to optimize your plan and increase efficiency.


View a demo of the key KPIs that HOT can help identify for a media asset.
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  • Rich Database of Locations, Roads and Traffic
  • Huge network of media assets, hotspots, roads and traffic patterns with geolocated coordinates
  • Micro-level demographic information and proprietary algorithms for precise catchment analysis
  • Over 64 different data sources including census data, city/urban planners, neighborhood data, traffic counts and events

Audience Analysis

  • Understand your audience in terms of age, gender, employment, education, language and socio-economic status
  • Leverage the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to classify and rank catchments of your target audience

Identify the Right Locations

  • Identify the locations with highest reach for your selected target audience
  • Precisely figure out locations with highest density of target groups

Micro-Targeting Audiences

  • Target audience where they live, commute and work
  • Get insights of the catchment area such as Gender distribution, Education, Employment distribution, SEC classification, Language distribution and nearby touchpoints

Create a More Powerful Media Plan

  • Choose your assets with data and analytics
  • Interactive planning tool to choose media assets based on their relevance and potential ROI

Marketing ROI Analysis

  • Compute gross reach, spend and cost per view of your campaign
  • Analyse potential returns on the campaign


  • Precise, intelligent micro-targeting
  • Better ROI and Transparency
  • Informed decision making
  • AI based campaign predictions
  • Comprehensive understanding of customers and influencing variables
  • Realtime inputs for campaign optimization