Magnet - 4 Marketing Technology Venture


Magnet is an integrated solution that enables offline retail stores or events to increase footfall. It uses real-time analytics to help brands understand the audience in their catchment areas, as well as identify other locations where target audiences are present.

Magnet provides tools which empower brands and stores to analyse data, micro-target audiences, plan campaigns, reach audiences and bring more efficiency to their marketing.

Use Cases

  • Analyse

    Analyse the demographics of audience in your catchment area.

  • Identify

    Identify new locations for retail outlets where your target audience is present.

  • Plan

    Plan your marketing campaign based on customer location and demographics.


Location Analytics

  • Identify hotspots and locations for specific target groups in a catchment area.
  • Rank locations on the basis of the density of the target audience, traffic and demographics.
  • Get insights on the market potential and the average market share.

Demographic Analytics

  • Understand the audience demographics in a catchment in terms of age, gender, employment, education, language and socio-economic status.

Customer Intelligence

  • Machine Learning algorithms analyse your existing customer data, along with demographic information and past customer behaviour.
  • Compute KPIs such as market share, market potential, market penetration, average customer purchase count and value.
  • Ranks the various hotspots and areas that your customers come from.

Outlet Discovery and Optimization

  • Recommend potential locations to open a new store, based on existing outlet network, demographics, competitor presence and market potential.
  • Optimize the outlet network by identifying overlaps, lesser performing stores or lower potential catchments.

Targeting and Segmentation

  • Recommend demographics or segments to target based on industry.
  • View analytics, or promote to selected target audience groups.

Marketing Recommendations

  • Recommendations to identify and rank the channel or medium, as well as locations for online and offline promotional campaigns.

MSuite – AI Powered Marketing

  • Artificial Intelligence based personas, marketing workflows and personalized content for marketing.
  • Helps build relationships with customers by delivering the right message to the right customer at the right time through the right channel.


  • Precise, intelligent micro-targeting
  • Better ROI and Transparency
  • Informed decision making
  • AI based campaign predictions and marketing
  • Comprehensive understanding of customers and influencing variables
  • Realtime inputs for campaign optimization
  • Enables outlet network optimization