MSuite - 4 Marketing Technology Venture


An Artificial Intelligence powered comprehensive suite of next generation business applications and precision marketing services that empower enterprises and governments to transform their marketing. MSuite powers businesses and governments to fuel growth and achieve scale.

  • AI Powered Content
    Creation & Curation
  • Marketing Workflow
  • Distribution &
    Delivery Frameworks
  • Customer Engagement
  • Customized Integrated
    Intelligence & Analytics

MSuite enables businesses to create and execute impactful precision marketing strategies using 4th Industrial Revolution technologies with expert consultancy services. It enables marketers and businesses to automate and drive key marketing processes and build relationships with customers, by sending the right message to the right customer.

Core Components

AI Enabled Marketing Technology

  • Marketing Automation Platform
    The MAP component enables businesses to simplify, automate and manage their marketing workflows, tasks and processes in a more efficient way. It also helps with lead generation, scoring and nurturing, to create a more effective and efficient sales funnel.
    Artificial Intelligence powered system enhances marketing workflows for greater engagement and efficiency.
  • Customer Relationship Management
    The CRM tool helps manage all interactions, history and data shared between the company and potential or existing customers.
  • Content Management System Integration
    A customized CMS assists businesses to manage their digital content such as images, videos, audio, and text, across various platforms such as their website and applications.
  • Big Data Integration
    Integration of data from various different internal and external sources helps in creating a consolidated Big Data database that can be used to find insights and trends, and analyse user behaviour patterns.

AI Powered Personalized Content Creation

  • Increase the impact of campaigns using our AI enabled content creation engine by creating highly engaging, relevant and personalized rich media communication for audiences, based on their personas and past actions.
  • Automatically trigger millions of customized pieces of content and distribute them across relevant marketing channels.

Distribution and Delivery Frameworks

  • Target and deliver services straight to consumers, across the most effective channels for that audience segment.
  • Analyse customer segments, behaviours, demographics of audiences at specific locations to plan and create targeted promotions.
  • Trigger real time promotional messages based on geo-fenced user location, data usage, transactional SMS information and websites visited to increase the impact and efficiency of campaigns.

Marketing Analytics

    • A strong integrated analytics module with behavioural and predictive analytics to figure out how to better engage with audiences, as well as explanatory analytics to highlight key insights from user behaviour.
    • A powerful, user friendly dashboard captures, analyzes information and provides insights about users who have interacted across various client touch points.