Virtual Xperiences (VX) - 4 Marketing Technology Venture


Allows brands to connect with their customers, across geographical boundaries and timezones. It provides an interactive and immersive platform which can be used to display goods and services, at any time or location.

The Virtual Experience Platform creates interactive and smart virtual environments which catalyze the reach of the products and services. The platform also supports Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, 360 Videos and Artificial Intelligence based chatbots.

VX creates a powerful mobile first digital and immersive platform to amplify the reach of events and experiences beyond borders.

Core Components

Marketing Technology Enablers

  • Event Promotion Website
    The Event Promotion website is a customized landing page for each event, that can be used to share details about the event, the exhibitors, allow users to register for the event and connect with the organisers.
  • 3D Event Platform
    The 3D Event platform is the actual 3D virtual environment platform on which the virtual event is hosted.
  • Lobby
    The event lobby allows the user to choose whether they want to enter the virtual exhibition section, or watch a webinar.
  • Exhibition
    In the exhibition section, the user will be able to browse the exhibition hall and view individual booths that have booth details, live chat, and objects like images, videos, brochures, 3D objects, augmented reality and virtual reality.
  • Webinars
    The webinars section allows a user to join a live or recorded webinar, view the agenda or additional details about the webinar and the speakers.
  • Live Networking
    This area allows all the current attendees of the exhibition to connect and network with each other through live chat, sharing digital business cards or by scheduling a meeting.
  • 3D Event Dashboard
    It can be used to set up the entire exhibition and booths in the exhibition. It helps to update booth information, add or edit objects and view basic reporting. Users can use it to update their individual profiles, view their journey and documents accessed at the event.
  • Analytics
    A strong integrated analytics module with behavioural and predictive analytics to figure out how to better engage with audiences, as well as explanatory analytics to highlight key insights from user behaviour.A powerful, user friendly dashboard captures, analyzes information and provides insights about users who have interacted across various client touchpoints.


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