Country Marketing as a Service (CMAAS) - 4 Marketing Technology Venture


AI enabled Cross Sectoral Smart Governance services that use fresh thinking, transformative next generation technology content and solutions, with analytical rigor to fulfill the marketing needs of countries across the world, across areas encompassing investment promotion, tourism, public service and government initiatives and so on.

Working in partnership with government leaders and development agencies, we use our marketing and strategic expertise, along with transformative technology solutions to achieve enduring and impactful results.

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  • Strategic Challenges
  • Market Identification and Segmentation
  • Analyzing Country brand equity vs competition
  • Real Time Predictive data analytics paradigms
  • Targeted Customized AI enabled marketing suite development
  • Generate Personalized content creation and curation
  • Omni channel creation of next-gem immersive and interactive experiences
  • Value added program KPI monitoring and operations

Transformational Marketing

4 MarTech is helping governments to transform in the following areas:

  • Business and Investment – InvestorTech
    Educate and encourage global investors, business leaders, large corporates, state and national governments to explore the diverse investment opportunities, facilitating Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in the country or state.
  • Tourism – TourismTech
    Empower countries, states, and governments to boost their tourism by creating more immersive and interactive experiences to create unparalleled engagement for current and prospective travelers.
  • Education – EduTech
    A mobile-first skill development platform to empower the youth through virtual training sessions by experts, video study material and immersive learning solutions.
  • Security – RACE
    An AI enabled integrated platform to empower countries to improve safety and provide support to citizens during emergencies.