EduTech - 4 Marketing Technology Venture


Skill development and training through vocational courses using a Virtual Platform. The mobile-first platform will engage the youth through virtual training sessions by experts, video study material and immersive learning solutions through Augmented and Virtual Reality.

Use technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution to make education more accessible and interactive for students across the country, even in remote locations. The platform enables tie-ups with global universities to offer globally recognised certifications.

In collaboration with globally recognised education institutions, governments and employers, we help with continuous skill development and upgradation to help improve the employability and efficiency of citizens. Moving forward from traditional classrooms, we apply next generation technologies to revolutionize teaching and learning.


Benefits of EduTech:

  • Easily accessible skill development and training
  • Continuous training and upgradation of skills
  • Improved livelihood opportunities
  • Mobile first, interactive and engaging learning
  • Globally recognised certification and teaching.