InvestorTech - 4 Marketing Technology Venture


Showcase the investment opportunities of the country on virtual platforms in order to create a community, educate and encourage global investors, business leaders, large corporates, state and national governments to explore the diverse investment opportunities, facilitating foreign direct investment (FDI) in the country, increased revenue and economy growth.

Benefits of InvestorTech

  • Bringing the country or state into the global spotlight
  • Development and creation of new jobs
  • Increase in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)
  • Revenue generation facilitating better living conditions and livelihood opportunities for the local population
  • Accelerating growth through strategic partnerships.

Core Components

Virtual Investor Engagement Platform

An interactive, immersive and intelligent virtual environment to showcase various investment opportunities of the country or state through Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, 360º videos and Artificial Intelligence based chatbots. Accessible to audiences across the world, this powerful mobile-first virtual platform is also integrated with strong analytics.

AI Powered Marketing Suite

A comprehensive set of integrated next-generation marketing applications which can transform marketing activities by creating awareness as well as sustaining engagement with current and

prospective customers through Customer Management System, Customer Engagement Platforms, Content Creation, Distribution Frameworks and Branding and Promotion services.

Advanced Analytics

Customised analytics solutions which helps optimize, predict, forecast and derive insights using predictive, explanatory and behavioural analytics – all of which are displayed on powerful, user-friendly dashboards.

Marketing Technology Strategy Consulting

We combine deep business insights with technology acumen to build and transform businesses in a hyper connected, mobile first world through transformative solutions.

Global Outreach Program

A global outreach program targeting national and global decision makers, media and key stakeholders promoting the Virtual Investor Engagement platform. Tie ups with global media and PR to create awareness and generate visits to the platform.