RACE - 4 Marketing Technology Venture


An AI enabled integrated platform to empower countries to support and empower citizens based on their most urgent needs. RACE analyzes messages across social platforms such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter and provides insights and actions for immediate response.

Benefits of RACE

  • Offers timely information to enable real-time decision making
  • Analytics platforms can combine old and new data to not only tackle crimes but also anticipate and prevent them
  • Helps suggest quick responses and actions to enable better decision making

Core Components

Resource needs

Filters messages across social media channels about needs for various types of resources. The platform will curate and list various requirements, such as assistance, food, water, shelter and so on. This will be displayed on the dashboard, along with the source of the request and possible response.

Vulnerability Mapping

Quickly identify and flag messages related to topics like political demonstration, fraud, unrest, and potential violence, and alert relevant authorities, to prevent spread of harmful rumours and also suggest relevant actions to respond.

Fake News

Identify and flag fake news spread across social channels by validating the items with credible news sources. 

Multilingual Support

The RACE platform can process messages in multiple Indian languages including code-mix text, to help better identify and filter out messages that need urgent responses or may cause potential issues.

Reporting and Actions

The RACE platform includes sleek and user friendly dashboards that display potential issues and recommended actions on a real time basis. In case of higher priority or urgent issues, the platform can send out alerts to automatically report issues and actionables to relevant authorities.