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4 Marketing Technology Venture’s TourismTech solutions empower countries, states, and governments to boost their tourism by creating more immersive and engaging experiences

using technologies that make up the 4th Industrial Revolution such as Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Predictive and Explanatory Analytics.

Our customized real and virtual experiences use these cutting-edge technologies to create unparalleled engagement and entertainment for current and prospective travelers.

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Benefits of TourismTech

  • Position the country, state or destination as a smart technology leader
  • Offers more impactful experience to current and prospective travellers
  • Showcase true essence of a destination with engaging narratives and immersive views
  • Create awareness and engagement among audiences globally.

Core Components

Virtual Experience Platform

An interactive, immersive and intelligent virtual environment to showcase the destination and its experiences through Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, 360º videos and Artificial Intelligence based chatbots. Accessible to audiences across the world, this powerful mobile-first virtual platform is also integrated with strong analytics.

Personalized Video Engagement

Engage audience across the globe with personalized videos on different facets of the destination based on their personas, demographics, social behavior and interests. The audience will be targeted with these videos across media such as social media platforms, targeted ads, WhatsApp and email.

AI Powered Marketing Suite

A comprehensive set of integrated next-generation marketing applications which can transform marketing activities by creating awareness as well as sustaining engagement with current and prospective customers through Customer Management System, Customer Engagement Platforms, Content Creation, Distribution Frameworks and Branding and Promotion services.

AI Powered Smart Tourist Assistant

This AI and Deep Learning enabled platform serves as a one stop destination to assist and engage tourists before, during and after their travel. It is equipped with a real-time language translation feature, an Augmented Reality-based interactive map and also allows users to connect with past and current tourists to share their experiences.

Experience Zones

Immersive experience zones at airports, malls, and other public places showcasing the destinations through interactive next-gen technologies and stunning creatives. AR, VR, Holograms, AI enabled Smart Robots and Smart Interactive Screens will be used to bring out the true essence of the destination.

Virtual Reality (VR) Theatre

VR theater offers breathtaking 3600 immersive experiences of the destination by creating a virtual universe around the visitors. The spherical structured theater immerses the viewer in experiences of the destination through crisp 360º video projections around, above and below them.