Enterprise Marketing as a Service (EMAAS) - 4 Marketing Technology Venture


Provides specific consultancy services with design thinking to co-create customized solutions for large enterprises and government services, with the goal of transforming marketing, enhancing ROI and creating powerful differentiators.

We drive innovation and efficiency, combining deep business insights with technology acumen to build, grow and transform businesses. We help create winning marketing strategies in a hyper connected world where personalized marketing is the norm and disruptive technologies rule.

We help co-create a unified platform to create synergies, maximize value and enhance their competitive edge across industries. The solution integrates and synergizes multiple cross function and cross disciplinary workflows to unite the functioning and development across operations. It integrates the entire ecosystem and provides consolidated data, predictive analytics, cross-sell, up-sell opportunities, and economies of scale.

Benefits of EMAAS

  • Promotes synergy across the entire enterprise
  • Helps build common strategic alliances across various departments and stakeholders
  • Future ready architecture
  • Reduction in costs
  • Optimizes lead generation and sales
  • Reduces multiple spends on the same users

Core Components

A single unified solution to integrate and manage all stakeholders including customers, employees and vendors

  • A cross platform interface that integrates information across various systems like mobile, desktop and IOT devices
  • Dashboards to monitor upsell, cross-sell, lead nurturing, generation, retention opportunities
  • Includes Marketing Automation, Customer Relationship Management, and a Strong Data Analytics Suite
  • Uses IOT and Blockchain technologies for deeper integrations and higher levels of security
  • Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning using consolidated data to better understand and predict stakeholder behavior