Marketing Technology as a Service (MTaaS) - 4 Marketing Technology Venture


Transformative industry specific solutions that empower businesses to enhance engagement and increase value. We help you to provide a more immersive and interactive experience across each customer touchpoint. We help to amplify the impact of your marketing and promotions by providing contextual and personalized services across the most relevant channels for your audiences.

Working in partnership with industry leaders and development agencies, we use our marketing and strategic expertise, along with transformative 4th Industrial Revolution technology solutions to achieve enduring and impactful results.

Transformational Marketing

4 MarTech is empowering transformations in the following areas:

  • AutoTech
    An integrated solution that helps enable automobile brands to master the hypercompetitive automobile environment by orchestrating the customer journey through developing a powerful engagement program.

  • FinTech
    Empowers Banking and Financial Institutions to offer intelligent, personalized solutions across the customer journey.

  • MuseumTech:
    Empowers Museums build a more immersive and engaging experience for their visitors by integrating technologies that make up the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

  • EventTech:

    An integrated event management technology solution that helps event organisers and marketers to attract audiences, drive higher event engagement, run better promotions and understand the impact and ROI of their event.