AutoTech - 4 Marketing Technology Venture


4’s AutoTech Solutions empower automobile brands to master the hypercompetitive SoLoMo (Social, Local, Mobile) environment by orchestrating the customer journey through developing a powerful engagement program, harnessing technologies of the 4th Industrial Revolution such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Virtual and Augmented Reality and insightful Analytics.

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Benefits of AutoTech

  • Improved understanding and segmentation of customers through correlated data on customer purchase histories, customer profiles, social listening and customer behavior
  • Impactful marketing to existing and potential customers
  • Improved lead generation, nurturing and conversion
  • Enhanced engagement and recall through immersive communication as well as stimulating impactful word of mouth
  • Visibility into trends and insights based on patterns that enable predicting user behaviour

Core Components

AI Powered Marketing Suite

An Artificial Intelligence powered integrated marketing suite which empowers automobile brands to transform their marketing. The platform enables businesses to automate and drive marketing processes and increase engagement through an EDGE computing paradigm.

Smart Showrooms

Smart Showrooms are an integration of High-tech Experiential systems that turn every showroom visit into an innovative experience.

Virtual Showroom

A mobile first intelligent and immersive, custom designed virtual environment with interactivity and powerful analytics built in. The Virtual Showroom uses technologies such as Virtual and Augmented Reality, 3600 videos and AI Chat Assistant to display collateral and engage with visitors.

Experience Zones

Immersive experience zones at airports, malls, and other public places showcasing automobiles through interactive technologies and stunning creatives.

Personalized Content Creation and Distribution

Increase user engagement through personalized video communication based on their personas, demographics and interests. The AI based platform learns from users’ data to create engaging communication.

Advanced Analytics

Customised analytics solutions which helps optimize, predict, forecast and derive insights using predictive, explanatory and behavioural analytics – all of which are displayed on powerful, user-friendly dashboards.

Marketing Technology Strategy Consulting

We combine deep business insights with technology acumen to build and transform businesses in a hyper connected, mobile first world through transformative solutions.