EventTech - 4 Marketing Technology Venture


Xcite is an integrated event management technology service solution that helps manage an event across its entire lifecycle. It is an Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning based platform that helps event organisers and marketers to attract audiences, drive higher event engagement, run better promotions and understand the impact and ROI of their event.

It empowers event organisers to take smarter decisions and build more efficient strategies for future events. The platform helps to deliver deeper and more accurate insights about the behaviour, interactions and engagement of audiences at live events.

It helps to identify who the customers are, how have they behaved at the event, their level of engagement, and also generate, score and nurture leads.

Benefits of EventTech

  • Deeper insights/analytics by tracking visitor behaviour via sensors, cameras, and event applications
  • Extension of event beyond physical limitations through virtual exhibition
  • End of end suite of services that handle all aspects of event planning and promotion
  • Modular selection of services and products that allows customization

Core Components

  • Event Frontend and Backend
    • Registration Website
      • The website builder offers companies the opportunity to have a sleek and customized website built to enable the collection of relevant customer details during event registration.
    • Event Application
      • A customized Event Application that contains all information relating the the event including the agenda, speakers, sponsors, attendees and maps.
      • It also allows guests to view a list of all attendees at the event, chat, send visiting cards and network with other guests, speakers or exhibitors
      • Exhibitors can use push notifications to promote to attendees. The notifications can be targeted to specific audience segments.
      • Organisers can upload additional files – images, brochures, videos – that are available for attendees to view/download in the application
    • Organiser Application
      • Allows organisers to check attendees into event and can be used to accept on the spot registrations
      • Can be used by organisers to add/manage leads, add tags and take notes on them. AI enabled lead scoring based on predetermined parameters
    • NLP Chatbot
      • AI enabled chat bot can be integrated with the website and event application
      • It can answer user queries and allow event marketers to engage their audiences
    • Admin Backend
      • A backend panel that allows an event administrator to create, edit and manage events. It enables the admin to build custom microsites for registration and customised applications for each event.
      • Admins can also view analytics about the performance of the event or of individual visitors to the event
      • The backend will also include a spend management module that allows organisers to set a budget for the event, track individual spends and manage expenses for the event.
  • Event Performance Tracking Enhancements
    • Intelligent Visitor Movement Tracking assists in the measurement of visitor engagement through analysis of behaviour patterns
    • Smart Visitor Emotion Capture allows marketers to identify and classify visitors into accurate demographic profiles, and measure real-time engagement and moods of audiences.
  • AI Enabled Marketing Technology
    • Marketing Automation Platform Integration
      • The MAP component enables businesses to simplify, automate and manage their marketing workflows, tasks and processes in a more efficient way. It also helps with lead generation, scoring and nurturing, to create a more effective and efficient sales funnel.
      • Artificial Intelligence powered system enhances marketing workflows for greater engagement and efficiency.
    • Customer Relationship Management Integration
      • The CRM tool helps manage all interactions, history and data shared between the company and potential or existing customers.
    • Big Data Integration
      • Integration of data from various different internal and external sources helps in creating a consolidated Big Data database that can be used to find insights and trends, and analyse user behaviour patterns.
  • Virtual Exhibition Integration
    • Organisers can increase the impact of their event by integrating an optional virtual extension of their event. It provides them a platform which they can use to display their goods and services to their customers, at any time or location.
  • Marketing Analytics
    • A strong integrated analytics module with behavioural and predictive analytics to figure out how to better engage with audiences, as well as explanatory analytics to highlight key insights from user behaviour.
    • A powerful, user friendly dashboard captures, analyzes information and provides insights about users who have interacted across various client touchpoints.