FinTech - 4 Marketing Technology Venture


4’s FinTech Solutions empower Banking and Financial Institutions to offer intelligent, personalized solutions across the customer journey. Our solutions enable conversational commerce and new experiences to customers with personalized and contextual interfaces. We harness the power of EDGE computing in a mobile-first world to focus marketing at the right time, place and state of mind of the customer.

Platforms Components

  • Content Creation Distribution & Delivery Frameworks
  • Customized Integrated Intelligence & Analytics
  • Marketing Workflow Automation
  • Customer Engagement Platforms

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Benefits of FinTech

  • Enhanced impact of marketing to existing and potential customers
  • Improved understanding of customers through correlated data on customer purchase histories, profiles, and behavior
  • Improved lead generation, nurturing and conversion
  • Increased brand engagement and recall
  • Visibility into trends and insights based on patterns that enable predicting user behaviour.

Core Components

Artificial Intelligence Powered Conversation Platforms

Engage and retain customers through rich, conversational interactions with 4’s Intelligent Al powered chat assistants which provide more personalised assistance and can be integrated aa across various media channels such as Web, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and SMS. Deployment of AI assistant kiosks at branches to offer customer support and integrated awareness of products.

Virtual Banking

A mobile-first intelligent and interactive custom designed virtual bank environment to offer an immersive banking experience to the audiences at the comfort of their homes.

Al Powered Marketing Suite

An Artificial Intelligence powered integrated marketing suite of next generation business and marketing applications which enable BFSI institutions to automate and drive marketing processes and increase engagement.

Edge Marketing

4Martech will partner with telecom networks to offer precise location-based communication based on the audience’s personas and location. Mobile Edge Platform enables a wider reach across geographies with precise targeting.

Personalised Content Creation & Distribution

Reach customers through personalized communication based on their personas, transaction history, demographics and interests. This solution learns from users’ data to create engaging customised communication across platforms.

Customer Analytics

Powerful analytics solution which helps businesses optimize, predict, forecast and derive customer insights using predictive, explanatory and behavioural analytics, displayed on powerful user-friendly dashboards.