MuseumTech - 4 Marketing Technology Venture


MuseumTech is a platform that helps Museums build a more immersive and engaging experience for their visitors by integrating technologies that make up the Fourth Industrial revolution such as – Internet of Things (loT ), Artificial Intelligence (Al), Machine Learning (ML), Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR).

MuseumTech enables the development of new capabilities, immersive and interactive solutions, new experiences (Real & Virtual) thereby increasing the popularity and outreach of the Museums globally.

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Benefits of MuseumTech

  • Enhanced and immersive experience for visitors Global Audience Reach helps penetrate and reach the targeted audiences resulting in global recognition of the Museum
  • Captures new audiences and understands their behavior using advanced analytics
  • Regularly updated content helps to bring back and keep existing audiences engaged
  • Interactive Q&A helps global audiences get answers to queries regarding artefacts, art, historic places, enhancing overall experience
  • Online Networking helps interact with more audiences and creates social chain of enthusiasts and explorers who become ambassadors of the Museum

Core Components

MuseumTech Experience Platform

The Experience Platform will allow the user to engage and interact with the various artefacts in the museum. In addition, visitors can also explore the museum and easily navigate through it.

The entire experience can be planned and adapted in a way that best highlights the individual museum’s collection and enhances the user journey at every key step of the way.

MuseumTech Virtual Platform

The Museum Tech Virtual Platform allows visitors to explore and interact with the museum from anywhere and at any time. It allows visitors to explore key curated exhibits from the museum at their convenience, and helps museums to attract more people to come and visit the museum.

It allows users to walk around and experience various exhibits in a 3D environment. Museums can choose to add additional AR, VR or 360 video components to help enhance the experience that visitors have on the platform. In addition, visitors can also attend webinars or view live streams of important cultural events that occur at the museum.

MuseumTech Experience Dashboard

The MuseumTech Experience Dashboard uses predictive, explanatory and behavioural analytics to allow exhibitors to analyse and interpret user behaviour patterns and better promote their exhibition to their existing as well as potential visitors.

The MuseumTech Experience Dashboard allows museums to

  • View user interaction history from real and virtual experience
  • Figure out how to better engage visitors Attract more visitors to the real and virtual experiences
  • Record all interactions and history of a specific visitor outside of the virtual and real experiences